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Top-5 General Litigation Law Companies in Albuquerque, New Mexico

OPPORTY is an all-around platform that creates beneficial connections between businesses and people. Our team is excited to present an exclusive list of the TOP 5 General Litigation Law Firms in Albuquerque City. The list includes the best of the best General Litigation with successfully practicing attorneys who are valued as authoritative leaders in their niche.

Our final rating is based on the overall analysis of dozens of companies, assessed by different factors, including customer reviews, satisfaction level, website, social media activities, other social activities and so on. Up to 50 factors. Read more here.

The Davis Kelin Law Firm

As a society, we have set forth rules—e.g. traffic laws, regulations, professional rules, common sense, etc.—which we are all required to follow. These

Becky V.
Best Review
Ben Davis and his firm went out of their way to go after the people who hurt me so recklessly. Ben was professional and determined even when the going got...
Bruce J Puma Jr, Attorney CPA

Albuquerque Legal & Fiduciary – Bruce J. Puma Jr. Attorney, CPA, Fiduciary and Trustee Estate Planning, Fiduciary Administration. Whether you are

John S.
Best Review
I met Bruce at a workshop after my mother died. He was a godsend and the the right person to help me and my sisters situation. He was able to take my...
Gilman-Tepper Jan B

One of the things that sets us apart from other divorce firms, to use a sports analogy, is the “depth of our bench,” more depth of experience than many

Larisa O.
Best Review
My experience with this company was awful!!!! I hired Ms. Little who after few meetings informed me that she couldn't represented me bcs she accidently...
Machol & Johannes Attorneys at Law

Machol & Johannes, LLC (and affiliates) is one of the premier collection law firms in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah

Susan C.
Best Review
Beware citizens of New Mexico! Machol & Johannes LLLP represents the bottom dwellers of all attorneys and give them a bad name. They prey on individuals...
Samore Law

You deserve one-on-one service. We have almost 30 year history of professional treatment of every client and every opponent, and capable courtroom

Francisco N Honey S.
Best Review
I wasn't happy with the results.....I paid more than $10k to get the exact offer I was given a year prior without him...he's tied to the District Attorney...

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