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The Davis Kelin Law Firm

As a society, we have set forth rules—e.g. traffic laws, regulations, professional rules, common sense, etc.—which we are all required to follow. These rules protect all of us from both injury and economic loss and they help ensure that our society runs smoothly and fairly. However, a few companies, professionals, and others would rather ignore these rules to benefit themselves. That short-term gain can be financial, competitive, or just to get where they are going faster. Their gain eventually causes damage to people who follow the rules a/k/a victims. To make up for that damage, our Federal and State Constitutions require that these wrongdoers, a/k/a tortfeasors, are tried in a civil court for their actions and are required to pay damages to the victims of their short-term gain. The civil courts, however, go beyond simple compensation to the victims—there is also a punishment requirement known as punitive damages. The punishment requirement is to not only deter the tortfeasor, but to also deter other companies and professionals from engaging in the same conduct for short-term gains.

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