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Top-5 Yard and Garden Landscaping Companies in Baltimore, Maryland

OPPORTY is an all-around platform that creates beneficial connections between businesses and people. Our team is excited to present an exclusive list of the TOP 5 Lawn Care Services Firms in Baltimore City. The list includes the best of the best Lawn Care Services with successfully practicing attorneys who are valued as authoritative leaders in their niche.

OPPORTY’s quality control team has developed a special algorithm to create objective and accurate estimations of companies’ performance. Our final rating is based on the overall analysis of dozens of companies, assessed by 50 different factors, including customer reviews, customer satisfaction, cost of service, confidentiality, trust level and so on. Thus, every list is unique and features companies that have contributed all the necessary resources to make their services outstanding.

Meyer Seed Co of Baltimore

Established in Baltimore City in 1910 Meyer Seed Company specializes in vegetable, flower, grass, and bird seeds. As the company has grown its offerings

Val W.
Best Review
Wonderful experience as a beginning gardener. I live in the area, so walked down just to explore and ask questions. I went twice in two days, and everyone I...
Belle Paint & Hardware

Belle Hardware has been a downtown Baltimore staple for over 35 years. We're known around the community for our outstanding product knowledge and

Paulie P.
Best Review
Whenever I need anything for repairs in my home, I always call Belle Hardware first. The usually have everything I need at a really good price and all the...
Herring Run Nursery

Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and

maryalecia b.
Best Review
Loved the selection of plants, serene location, helpful staff, straight forward pricing, and informative signage regarding the proper conditions for each...
Schneider Paint & Hardware

Almost everyone in Roland Park is familiar with Schneider Paint & Hardware, a family-owned hardware store that's been around since 1896. Pat Pratt --

Charlie F.
Best Review
I also agree Schneider's is great. It is small, but they will have nearly everything you need to make all the basic repairs for your home. The owner is...
Falkenhan's Hardware

Falkenhan’s Hardware is located in a building once known as Mt. Vernon Hall. The first owner & original name of the store was Towsons’. It was known

Maria V.
Best Review
I love this store, and I am so happy it's in our neighborhood. Nowadays you don't get the customer service, friendly associates, and quality products at...

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