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Top-5 Personal accounting Companies in Oakland, California

OPPORTY is an all-around platform that creates beneficial connections between businesses and people. Our team is excited to present an exclusive list of the TOP 5 Personal Accounting Firms in Oakland City. The list includes the best of the best Personal Accounting with successfully practicing attorneys who are valued as authoritative leaders in their niche.

Our final rating is based on the overall analysis of dozens of companies, assessed by different factors, including customer reviews, satisfaction level, website, social media activities, other social activities and so on. Up to 50 factors. Read more here. 

Eve Livingston, PhD

For over 25 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to practice psychotherapy, Integrative Psychosocial Consultation and coaching in the San

Kula Coaching - Life & Career Coaching

Lisa is a compassionate and inspiring professional life coach who helps people achieve their personal and professional dreams. She uses a variety of

Paradise Coaching

I know that finding your right work is a big deal. It takes being clear what you want to get out of work and what you want to give. It’s more than earning

The Green Bookkeeper

Tye graduated from the University of Iowa, with a double major in Management and Marketing from the School of Business. After college, Tye traveled

Tax Pros

The Tax Pros will help with your business and individual tax and financial needs. We can handle virtually any income tax issues, including audits and

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