The followers of the closed Facebook group Immigration asked questions of attorney David Treyster.

David deals with immigration, court cases, contracts, divorce, and real estate.

Attorney David Treyster opened his own practice, Hudson Law Group, in 2013, with offices in New York and New Jersey. David is originally from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. He came to the United States with his family at the age of nine and grew up in Brooklyn. He earned his law degree from New York Law School in 2003.

You can find David Treyster’s contact information in Rubic’s catalog of attorneys.

David met with Ekaterina Panova, founder of, and answered the following questions from members of the Facebook Immigration group:

  • What is the purpose of a prenup?

  • How is property divided in case of divorce?

  • What is a trust, and can it help my family keep our money if I go bankrupt?

  • How do I go about making a will?

  • Is it possible to choose who gets custody of my children if I die before they reach adulthood?