IT service management focuses on delivering process-based IT services to help companies meet the needs of their customers. It is one of the most effective ways to deliver value to customers as they interact with digital enterprises. 

A recent survey conducted by Forbes Insights of 261 senior-level IT company executives made clear that IT service management is migrating from IT-centric services to focusing more on digital enterprises, making things easier for companies trading in that sphere. 

IT service management is involved in all processes of technical product development. It encompasses design, delivery, management, and even product improvement. ITSM is having a profound effect on digital enterprises as we know them, continuing to add value to this form of trading. 

Here are five ways that show how IT service management has impacted digital enterprise:

Needed skills for the job            

Digital enterprise is a relatively new field that is still evolving, so it may be hard to find employees with the necessary skills for the job. There are specialized tasks that need to be completed efficiently and on time, which may be impossible for unskilled people to carry out. 

In the abovementioned survey, all the executives agreed that it is difficult to find specialists who possess the necessary skills to support the dramatic changes and developments in IT.

Lack of adequate skills is a real problem facing this industry, causing businesses to fall short of their goals and leaving them with unmet needs. With ITSM, that problem is solved by professionals who have all the necessary skills to undertake any IT task. 

ITSM professionals are highly valued in their workplaces and sought after by other digital enterprises. The high demand calls for more people to enter the field, to fill the many available positions. 

A benefit of ITSM is that a single person or team undertakes a project from start to finish, leaving no loose ends and delivering a high-quality product to the client. 

Works within the estimated budget

Overshooting the budget of a project can be detrimental, with the potential of bringing a project to an abrupt end. Finances can get out of hand when unexpected costs arise, often caused by outsourcing portions of the work to additional people. 

Mike Hasson, hiring manager for BoomEssays, an agency that provides dissertation, thesis and other assignment services for college students, cites an interesting example. When a company hires a candidate who cannot do all of the work, they will need to hire an additional worker, leading to higher costs that end up overshooting the budget. As another example, a company may pay someone to develop a system for them, and then need to hire someone else to manage and maintain it, dramatically increasing their costs. 

With ITSM, one individual or team develops the product and completes, maintains, manages and improves it. The IT executives who responded to the survey also mentioned that they are moving towards cloud-based services, to decrease the amount budgeted for maintenance and management.

Encourages professional competitiveness

The survey also mentioned that without a service management approach, a company’s  competitiveness significantly diminishes. Growth in a sector with low competition becomes very limited. As a result, the digital enterprise field falls short of reaching its full potential. 

Maintaining and managing existing projects can use up resources that could be better used to develop new technologies or initiatives. IT service management takes care of existing projects by maintaining and managing them, so companies can focus on developing new innovative ideas.

The competitive spirit encourages innovation and improvements that benefit the digital enterprise world in ways like never before.

Benefits digital enterprise initiatives

Digital enterprises have various initiatives for building their brands and upping their games. Great examples are big data systems and cloud computing efforts. The majority of executives in the Forbes Insights survey revealed that IT service management plays a significant role in important digital enterprise initiatives. 

The initiatives stated above along with mobile computing rely heavily on IT service management. The key contributions of IT service management are digital transformation efforts brought about by transparency and productivity.

Fewer technical problems

When inexperienced employees attemp to manage a system they aren’t entirely familiar with, a lot of technical difficulties can be expected. IT service management professionals are fully equipped to deal with any problems that may arise. 

Their core duties are to prevent problems from happening through periodic maintenance and management of the system. 

When an unexpected problem arises, IT pros are trained to isolate that problem and repair the damage as quickly as possible. That means less downtime and more productivity for other employees who won’t be affected by system glitches.

IT service management in a nutshell

IT service management is an up-and-coming industry that has been named the vehicle to deliver value to the digital enterprise industry. It improves employee productivity and keeps businesses running smoothly by avoiding glitches and reducing downtime. 

It is no surprise that companies are increasing their budgets for IT service management. Their investment won’t be in vain, because they will end up saving money in the long run.

The bottom line

IT service management is the most efficient way to enable digital enterprises to grow and become more competitive. Its focus is on satisfying customers and increasing the productivity of employees while heightening operational efficiency. As IT service management grows, the bar will be raised on the expectations and competitiveness of digital enterprise initiatives.


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