Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation is a marketing process that identifies potential customers, typically other companies, for your enterprise. Finance, insurance, healthcare, and software companies benefit from this method of collecting leads or prospects. It is best to hire an expert team of marketers to provide excellent B2B lead generation services to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some signs that you need to hire B2B lead generation services:

  1. Lots of Site Traffic but No Sales

Your website may have a lot of visitors, but all of that would be put to waste if they never convert into paying customers. A lead generation agency can not only provide you with a considerable quantity of prospects, but they will also make sure that they give you accurate and high-quality leads.

This means that the individuals on their list have already expressed prior interest to your products and services, or have browsed your competitors’ websites. These are the people who are more likely to click the “Add to Cart” button on your website, because they have a problem that your product or service can help solve.

Following are some of the marketing tools that are used to capture leads:

  •    Content – This tool is the key to guiding visitors to your landing page. Valuable content that delights your target audience can improve the chances of them clicking your call-to-action (CTA) and giving their contact information.
  •    Email – This marketing method is ideal for recapturing leads who already know your brand. These people may have already bought your product or service and signed up for your weekly newsletters. It is easier for you to convince them to conduct an action since they have already subscribed to you.
  •    Search Engine Ads – Promoting your brand on search engine banners also provides targeted leads because your company will pop up on the results page for relevant keywords.
  1. No One Recognizes Your Brand Yet

Lead generation is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses because it helps make your brand known to your target audience. If nobody knows what your brand is about and what you are selling, you cannot make money.

For example, if you want new clients for your legal practice, you must hire a lead generation company to increase brand awareness of your firm among people who need lawyers. Brand awareness increases through your blog and news articles that establish your authority in your field.

Lead Generation

  1. Not Knowing Your Customer Persona

You cannot create a solid marketing plan without knowing who you should be selling to. A customer persona is used in business to represent the ideal client. This model would indicate the prospect’s key traits based on data collected by lead generation companies, such as their industries, company size, and annual revenue. By identifying the companies that would most likely buy your goods, you can successfully reach them, bring them to your landing page, have them click on your CTA, and turn them into paying customers.

Here are some methods of gathering information for your business’s customer personas:

  •    Check the trends on how leads discover and consume your content.
  •    Prioritize form fields that obtain vital persona information, such as company size and average annual revenue.
  •    Gather feedback from your sales team and have them describe the leads they interact with the most.
  1. Neglecting Social Media as a Lead Source

While some marketers may argue about the credibility of B2B leads gained through social media, don’t discount the platform yet. Your consistent presence on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can bring you to that coveted “top-of-mind” phenomenon where people immediately recall your brand when they think about products and services related to yours.

B2B lead generation through social media works by:

  •    Directing your followers to your website – You increase the chances of your subscribers performing a desired action and turning them into leads when you make it easy for them to go to your landing page. Provide multiple links and consistently post compelling content, not spam.
  •    Placing a sign-up button – Facebook allows you to add a sign-up button to your page, making it convenient for your followers to register for your content such as weekly newsletters or a free e-book, thus increasing the chances that they will purchase your product and service.
  •    Taking advantage of social media CTA – You can also add  CTA when marketing on social media. Promote your company by asking followers to open links to your landing pages or asking for their feedback.


B2B lead generation may seem more challenging than generating business-to-consumer (B2C) leads, as the former involves more decision makers in the purchase process. That is why you ought to enlist the help of experts to identify your prospective customers and reach them through various channels such as social media, search engines, and email.