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What Is Opporty And How Does It Work?

Opporty was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with tools and resources to establish and grow trusted business relationships globally.

In 2017 the simple B2B/B2C marketplace evolved into a revolutionary blockchain powered ecosystem with the ability to provide high-level security, speed and privacy in everyday business transactions.

Why Do Companies Choose Opporty?

Receive 1.5x more requests and grow your reputation in the cryptocurrency community! The Opporty project is familiar to a broad audience of crypto holders. When registered at Opporty Marketplace, companies get on average 1.5x more requests than they had previously.

Run businesses across the globe, quickly and easily. Negotiation, contract initiation, transaction settlement – all stages can be conducted from one source - Opporty Marketplace.

Enjoy 100% business transaction safety and security. Opporty is a decentralized system which holds payments in escrow until all contract requirements are met. There is never a need to worry that a client will not pay.

Implement our smart widget on your website. Widgets display all your services published at Opporty Marketplace, and enable you to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

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