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Charles McLachlan

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CEO Development
May 31, 2017
USD 12500
 Status: Open
We enable business leaders to get more out of themselves and their business. We identified six issues that successful business leaders face. We seek to resolve these issues via our group meetings with world class speakers, The Board you would love to afford and regular coaching sessions. 1. How do I take my business to the next level? I feel I have reached a glass ceiling. I want to be able to sell my business. 2. The business is not hitting the targets and goals that I want it to achieve. I’m frustrated certain objectives and targets aren’t being realised. 3. What am I missing out on? Competitive advantage. I don’t know what I don’t know. What is everybody else doing? 4. How do I prove to myself, and others, that I have reached a level of success? How do I demonstrate that I have arrived? 5. I don’t feel fulfilled. There is something missing. I am not content. I have a lack of motivation. 6. Leadership. How do I get my team to step up to the next level?
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