A B2B Platform Powered by the Blockchain

Proof-of-Expertise — Distributed Trust Protocol

First backend version of Plasma solution released

The Opporty team has released the first version of the Plasma solution (two months prior to the original release date.) Based on transaction speed tests, Opporty can handle around 5,000 transactions per second.

NY Accounting Firm Makes History by Officially Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments for Its Services!

NY accounting firm lists crypto-based offers at the Opporty marketplace, becomes the first accounting firm to officially receive payments using cryptocurrency in New York.

Opporty presents: Smart widgets

Opporty releases smart widgets, implements first widgets at clients' websites. Crypto-based offers are displayed, to be ordered directly at clients' websites.


First cryptocurrency payment processed on the platform

First cryptocurrency payments received through Opporty's smart widgets. Customers select crypto-based offers on the platform, with the option to pay in ETH or BTC.

6000 + verified providers on the US platform

Opporty's US platform features more than 6K verified providers in the legal and accounting industries. Businesses have already logged the first crypto-enabled offers into the system.

1000 + verified providers in UK and Canada

Opporty's UK and Canada versions feature over 1K verified providers in multiple niches, with a focus on legal and accounting services. The first offers and requests are already displayed on the marketplace.

Chinese localization release

Opporty has adapted and translated its platform to meet the needs of Chinese businesses and consumers. The platform's functionality is now completely available in Mandarin.

US company. Regulated Tokensale. Legally compliant

Opporty is a US-based business registered in Dover, Delaware. The company complies with all US rules and regulations for launching and running a tokensale.

Opporty Layers


  • icon Digital business identity
  • icon Storage of transaction metadata
  • icon Privacy of transaction-related data
  • icon Centralized and decentralized escrow mechanisms
  • icon Automatic and semi automatic oracles
  • icon Domestic B2B/B2C transactions
  • icon International cross-border transactions
  • icon Supply chain risk management


  • icon Post requests for proposals and receive bids from proven business community members
  • icon Build your own business reputation by executing deals, providing services, and educating the community
  • icon Log in niche-oriented offers to target specific, niche-focused audiences
  • icon Execute safe transactions protected by decentralized escrow
  • icon Have your services listed at the B2B service marketplace
  • icon Be rewarded for contributing to community development and for creating business opportunities for other community members
  • icon Domestic transactions
  • icon Cross-border transactions
  • icon Corporation and government procurement


  • icon Transaction-based scoring mechanism
  • icon Using transaction metadata, Opporty's Scoring Mechanism connects domain-relevant expertise to digital business identities
  • icon Domestic business counterparty verification
  • icon Cross-border transaction counterparty trustworthiness verification
  • icon Third party procurement and marketplace applications

Token Economics

With OPP tokens, users are able to:

  • icon Make use of Proof-of-Expertise Protocol
  • icon Execute transactions between service providers and their clients within the system
  • icon Pay for Opporty platform-based services, such as priority listings
  • icon Be incentivized with OPP tokens for contributions to the platform's development. Every user can participate in various activities on the platform (such as contributing to the Knowledge sharing platform) and receive rewards for those activities
  • icon Utilize smart contracts available on the Opporty platform, including decentralized escrow

Use of funds

infrastructure localization
75% 25%
Business development
customers (buyers) acquisition service providers acquisition experts acquisition
50% 35% 15%
Team and advisory reward
Community engagement and rewards
Other OpEx

Token sale structure


token standard


token symbol

0.0002 ETH

token price


funding goal


Distributed in the Phase I:


Phase II: Growth Reserve


Company long term incentive alignment


Bounties and community rewards:



AUG 2017
image Core functionality: offers, requests, responses, blog, Q&A
DEC 2017
image Release in the UK and Canada
FEB 2018
image Multi-language localisation
APR 2018
image Decentralized Escrow with Voting for the marketplace platform
AUG 2018
image Chatbot user interface
DEC 2017
image Gamification
JAN 2018
image Marketplace
FEB 2018
image SAFT (regulated) Presale
JUN 2018
image Initial implementation of Proof-of-Expertise protocol (Alfa version)
NOV 2018
image PHASE II:Scaling, advancement, extension

Aug 2017

Dec 2017

Dec 2017

Jan 2018

feb 2018

feb 2018

apr 2018

jun 2018

Aug 2018

now 2018

image Core functionality: offers, requests, responses, blog, Q&A
image Gamification
image Release in the UK and Canada
image Marketplace
image Multi-language localization
image SAFT (regulated) Presale
image Decentralized Escrow with Voting for the marketplace platform
image Initial implementation of Proof-of-Expertise protocol (Alfa version)
image Chatbot user interface
image PHASE II:Scaling, advancement, extension

Advisory Board

face country
Henry ines Venture Partner at Draper Dragon

Henry is a global executive with extensive venture capital, cross border advisory, corporate finance and entrepreneur experiences. As an investor, he focuses on FinTech / blockchain and frontier technology ventures based on his VC experiences to date as a partner at DraperDragon Fund, DFJ Dragon Fund and DragonVenture, Inc. Henry is also an advisor to multiple blockchain / ICOs and tech startups in Silicon Valley; and also continues to serve as a mentor for accelerators & incubators worldwide. Additionally, Henry oversees the Global Chamber® San Francisco, a member organization focused on cross border trade and investment, and also routinely lectures at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Henry began his career as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Later, he focused on sell-side M&A and other corporate finance transactions before transitioning to direct investments. Henry holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC.

face country
Wulf kaal Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor

Wulf Kaal is a leading expert on Blockchain Applications in broad arrays of industries, initial coin offerings, and smart contracting, as well as private investment fund regulation and compliance. His scholarship constitutes over 85% of the empirical and theoretical scholarship on Blockchain applications in corporate governance and private investment fund regulation in the United States. Additionally, Prof. Kaal is the leading proponent of dynamic regulatory solutions for innovation.

face country
Marc kenigsberg Founder of BitcoinChaser

Marc has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013 and has 18 years experience in online marketing. He is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency affiliates and the founder of the BitcoinChaser website and community. Marc is a regular speaker at conferences around the world and contributor to industry leading publications.

face country
RICKY NG Founder of I-house.com & I-house Token

Chairman and founder of I-house.com & I-house Token (IHT), the first blockchain real estate cloud platform worldwide. Co-founder, Director of McAfeeCC, one of the largest crypto fund founded in 2017. Co-Founder of Iclick Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising platform in greater china area, created an advertising myth of 1 billion RMB per year, major partner with Baidu and Tencent in China and overseas. Former Senior Business Manager in Yahoo Asia - Yahoo! Search Marketing; professional in digital marketing with more than ten years of practical experience in digital marketing and Entrepreneurship. Bachelor of Engineering, Ecommerce and Financial Engineering.

face country
ESTEBAN VAN GOOR Managing Partner (Venture Capitalist) Megalodon Capital / ICO Advisor (cryptolawyer)

Esteban is a Venture Capitalist in the Crypto Asset space. Prior to becoming a VC he was a (tax) lawyer with Baker McKenzie, with a special focus on the VAT implications of bitcoin, blockchain, e-commerce and iGaming. He first heard about bitcoin in 2012 and started researching about the tax implications of bitcoin (and blockchain technology). He wrote several articles about VAT and bitcoin (in combination with iGaming), and became a regular speaker on tax and legal matters at bitcoin and blockchain related conferences, amongst with the Blockchain Money, World Blockchain Forum and the iGaming Super Show. He also assisted with educating legislators about bitcoin and blockchain technology and provides guidance as an advisor with various tech (bitcoin/blockchain/iGaming related) start-up companies, in relation to their ICOs and other legal related matters. His ultimate goal is to get people aware of bitcoin and blockchain technology and to help as much as he can to get this industry grow. In his free time Esteban likes to travel and of course read about crypto.

face country
DESMOND MARSHALL Founder and MD of Rouge Ventures, ICO/Crypto

Desmond Marshall is the founder and MD of Rouge Ventures; founder of Pitch Perfect. With over 22 years of strategic experience on capital raising, he provides counsel on IPO, ICO, and fund raise. A member of the global Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Desmond is instrumental in defining new development roadmaps to blockchain technology and its application in the real world. Mr Marshall is an accomplished public speaker in latest business and investment trends, and an advisor in many ICO companies and to the government.

face country

Michael Kapilkov serves as an ICO advisor to CREDITS and Spheris. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2015, and has founded several blockchain startups. He is a partner at Datrixo, a venture building company that focuses on blockchain and AI technologies. Michael attended Columbia University and holds an MBA from IE Business School.

face country

Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, 15 years of experience in management, 4 years in the blockchain economy. Co-founder Rocketico.io Works on TravelChain.io . Business development,strategic planning, marketing strategy, partnership and communication. ICO Advisor AdHive.tv ICO Advisor districts.io

face country

Mr. Bond is a seasoned IT Executive offering 20+ years of master level project, program and portfolio management to Fortune 50 organizations, with a special focus on large scale Infrastructure, Cloud and Application Management Services implementations. His experience as Chief Operating Officer running the International Business at NTTDATA and Consulting expertise at Accenture delivering program initiatives that are transformational in nature across diverse business, product and service industries are now applied in the blockchain technology world.


face country

A serial entrepreneur, Sergey’s first venture is boutique IT consulting firm with over 50 full time employees focused on digital marketing and software development. He has experience working with big clients including Fortune 500 companies and companies with over 100 million monthly users. Sergey has over 100 mentions in the media and holds 2017 Executive of the Year award in Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations from Stevie Awards. He is also a regular contributing member of Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and GoDaddy Garage.

face country

Finance and machine learning expert, trader and investor, with over 10 years of experience at the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Bridgewater Associates, Goldman Sachs and Teza Technologies. During his tenure, Alex worked on building models for analyzing massive amounts of data to predict prices of financial assets across the globe. He embraced the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution in 2013. Alex holds a PhD in Physics and BA/MS in Physics and Computer Science.


team members


8 experiensed developers (Solidity, NodeJS, PHP, Python)

Opporty is a US-based company with engineering offices in Ukraine. Our team has in-depth business and technical expertise, including complex application development and digital marketing.


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