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Harris Kern

Harris Kern has helped companies and individuals maximize their earnings potential for over 25 years, both through his own consulting company and as former Global EVP at Sun Microsystems. He is an international corporate performance, leadership and business coach who is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at business, leadership and management conferences. Harris’ passion is to motivate employees to produce outstanding results by teaching them how to be disciplined to stay focused on company goals. He pioneered the Discipline Mentoring Program and Professional/Personal Growth Program (P²GP).

Harris is one of the world’s leading life, career, and organization mentors and is also a master of self-discipline. His discipline mentoring program is the ultimate resource to achieve success, and is the key ingredient to self-mastery.

Maximize Your Employees’ Output
Harris works individually with your most promising managers to instill discipline (i.e., effective time management practices, accountability, sense of urgency, etc.). He also teaches your employees how to maximize their Emotional Quotient (EQ) skills: clearer communication, relationship building, and personal leadership skills. Companies that make this investment enjoy increased cooperation between departments and are more productive.

Earn More and Reduce Labor Costs
Harris is recognized as the foremost authority on providing practical guidance for solving management issues and challenges. He helps organizations stay competitive by re-focusing resources on people, processes and performance. His gift is the ability to produce higher shareholder value without adding additional resources.

His client list reads like a who’s who of American and International Business: Standard & Poor’s, Sony Pictures, GE, The Weather Channel, Time Inc., Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal, and hundreds of other Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

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