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Tax Management Svc Inc

If knowing how to fill out a form and push the “Send” button were all it took to file taxes, then April 15 wouldn’t incite dread in the hearts of millions of Americans.

If CPA firms didn’t charge fees up to $500 an hour, then the people that need their help most wouldn’t be the people who can least afford it.

If the U.S. tax code didn’t change as often as spring fashions and wasn’t as dense as the dictionary, then foreign-born individuals and average Americans could prepare their own returns and better organize their financial lives.

If being self-employed didn’t require handling your own accounting – along with the paperwork and deadlines that comes with it – more Americans would opt to work for themselves.

If there were an entirely new business model for CPA services, then there’d be a better, easier, less complicated way for people to get and pay for only the tax and financial advice they need.

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