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Boyko & Associates

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Boyko & Associates

Founded: 2000

Boyko&Associates is a multilingual law firm based in Brooklyn, New York. For many years we have been providing aggressive legal representation of our clients. We provide clients throughout New York with legal services of the highest quality for a wide range of cases related to business, family, immigration, and injury law. Our lawyers and attorneys do everything possible to be unyielding advocates to our clients. We are never satisfied with mediocre outcomes and always fight for greater success. From large multinational companies to small businesses and individuals everyone needs legal assistance. Boyko&Associates law firm is comprised of experienced lawyers who keep up with all aspects of business, family, immigration, and injury law. Our team is ready to represent and assist our clients in wide range of cases related to business planning, employments litigation, dissolution of marriage, product liability, immigration issues, and numerous personal injury cases. Whether you want to receive compensation or take care of any personal or business legal issues, contact Boyko&Associates law firm to ensure a successful outcome of your case.