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Ascent Risk Management focuses on the big picture of reducing workplace risk through a holistic approach. Just managing claims is the bare minimum for employers who want to create a better world for their employees. Our approach emphasizes preventing claims from happening and minimizing them when they do occur.

Our safety team is devoted to identifying injury trends and developing a custom plan to drastically reduce the frequency of claims within your organization. This is accomplished through building a culture of workplace safety first from the top-down, consistent training, and accountability throughout the organization. Ascent provides clients with custom plans designed to implement a robust safety culture.

Ascent offers national claims management for Self Insured employers through a unique one point of management model. Our claims management professionals are trained to handle all aspects of the claim and can do so because of their small caseload size. Ascent looks at both workplace safety and return to work issues to identify work place trends. This trending analysis is utilized to approach claims from a holistic stance rather than just processing paperwork.

Because we do not live in a perfect world, injuries will happen. When they do, the Ascent Case Management team offers a full array of nurse case management services that expedite return to work for the injured employee. There are more options and success stories than most people realize for difficult claims. The faster we can return your employee back to work in good health, the lower the cost of the claim.

The culture of Ascent Risk Management is one in which we practice what we preach. Ascent offers a ‘best place to work’ environment through the simple concept of having fun while we work. Ascent maintains this culture in many ways, such as opportunities for charity work on company time, free monthly massages for all employees, happy hours, and frequent fun activities. According to Jessica, “Happy employees result in happy clients.”

If you are interested in pursuing a healthier and happier workplace for your employees—you have come to the right place. Together we can improve lives and reduce claims cost at the same time.

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