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Willow Tree Nursery

An old timey experience. Willow Tree, before it even had a name, actually started with owner Dennis Wickham pushing a lawn mower in high school to help pay the bills. Unaware that many years later, in 1979, it would incidentally open as a retail nursery when sitting around after work a few folks randomly stopped by to ask if they could purchase plants that had been salvaged from a landscape job. At that time, Willow Tree rented only a small portion of the 2.8 acres it currently sits on, but not long thereafter Dennis would purchase the entire property on simply a handshake deal. A handshake deal that has come to symbolize our recipe for success. Do right by our customers, shoot straight, and always be willing to offer help or advice when needed. Whether it is buying a new tree, coming in just to see how things are going, or only to take a walk on a cool morning, an enjoyable experience is what we strive to provide to anyone who visits. And hey, if that enjoyable experience you seek just so happens to be pulling weeds, you just come on by any time and we will fix you right up!

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