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AYB Solutions

AYB Stands for All Your Business Solutions, it was a dream that began in the heart of a successful business owner by the name of Yvette Iturrino in the city of Orlando, Florida who at the time owned and managed a very successful mortgage company for 9 years plus. Working in the mortgage industry she quickly found herself being consumed by time.

When trying to qualify a client, obstacles with verifying income and others with credit issues and even correcting clients’ accounts was an everyday run around. Most of the clients had IRS issues or did not know how to keep their books for their business or their income tax returns in order. Some were found not reported correctly. It was time-consuming for the clients to run around the city and lose out on a purchase because of these issues. She understood the need for a company that can consolidate and support both commercial businesses and individuals when it came to accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, credit restoration, payroll, corporation setup, mobile notary, IRS issues and much more all with one phone call. Here is where AYB was born.

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