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Accounting on Demand

Accounting On Demand provides personalized bookkeeping and accounting services to small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals in the DelMarVa area. Founded in 2002 by the firm’s owner, Amin Shaheen, Accounting On Demand works on- and off-site, and offers clients the key advantage of being available during and after normal business hours.

Businesses benefit when an independent accounting professional manages their financials. Amin has the training, insight and objectivity to recognize and address any type of problem, from small discrepancies to serious challenges. The detailed information prepared by Accounting On Demand, consistently on time and impeccably accurate, gives a clear picture of a company’s financial position.

Knowing that Amin is managing their financials frees business owners to run their companies. Accounting On Demand also helps them find time beyond the workplace for the other things they want to do, whether it’s spending time with their family, playing golf or traveling, so they can enjoy the quality of life that a well-run business affords.

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