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Linda Rost's Better Bookkeepers

To fully understand how and why Linda Rost’s Better Bookkeepers is different from the typical bookkeeping firm, you need to understand a few things about Linda.

When I started the company in 1999 I had a vision of how a bookkeeping firm should operate. My vision was not to build just “any” firm — it was to build an exceptional firm. My attitude was and still is, “do it right or don’t do it at all.”

This commitment came from a career of over twenty years in bookkeeping and business administration. I love bringing order and efficiency to companies. For me, bookkeeping is not complicated, so I don’t make it complicated for you — it is simple, clear, and direct.

However, my understanding of bookkeeping goes beyond the balance sheet; it goes into a broader understanding of how businesses are run and the real challenges that business owners face on a day-to-day basis.

Clients have loved this approach, and as a result the company has grown beyond what any single person could do.

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