Robert Lee Riley

If you run a business and you subscribe to the automate-
everything philosophy of organizational efficiency (nods to
Dave Allen of Getting Things Done and Mark Hurst of Bit
Literacy) and you want to bring the same level of
sophistication to that anxiety-driving area of accounting,
bookkeeping and tax filing, then Lee Riley of Riley
Accounting is your man.

Lee is also your man if you believe that the more data you
store and make accessible electronically the more you
can find opportunities that wouldn't exist in a paper-based
process. The IRS is subjecting your returns to these
types of analyses to find problems, so why not harness
the same concepts to avoid them in the first place? The
tax code is more complex and more subject to
interpretation than a naive layperson such as myself
might think. The level of knowledge of the tax code is not
what distinguishes a good CPA from a bad one. The
knowledge of how the taxing authorities apply the code
and process returns is what creates this distinction. If
you want to hire a man who knows the system and
empowers you, the business owner and tax payer, with
the knowledge to make smart decisions, then Lee is your

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