De Bennedetti & Co

DeBenedetti & Company was formed in 2003 to bring full service accounting, insurance and financial solutions to individuals and businesses who want more from their CPA. By offering quality services on several levels, DeBenedetti and Company is able to offer its clients all of the services necessary to compete in today’s technology-driven world.

With our staff of professionals with knowledge in several different areas, our company is able to deliver quality personal service that other firms simply cannot match. Our staff believes that our personality is just as important as our technical knowledge. Therefore, our experts are carefully selected not only for their top-notch professional skills, but for their ability to communicate with our clients in a patient and understandable manner. We pride ourselves on being the advisors that clients can trust and enjoy talking with.

We specialize in professional service businesses such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc., but with clientele in industries such as construction & subcontracting, landscape, retail, restaurants and bars, real estate, franchises, and many other fields, our organizational experience is exceptionally diverse and adaptable. Our clients range across several states, so we are able to offer an exclusive portfolio of multi-state tax and operational consulting.

Opporty Awards