Cancer-related illnesses affect both the young and old, whether a person passes from the ailment or survives a loved one's battle. Life is tough both during and after a cancer diagnosis. The team at wants to help cancer survivors with a scholarship opportunity. In fact, this award is worth $2,000 when you write up an experience that deals with cancer and your educational goals.

Wide Variety of Applicants

Applicants can be mesothelioma survivors or other cancer-related patients. Other submissions might be from family members and friends of a loved one who's passed away from the ailment. Anyone submitting an application must also be enrolled in an appropriate college program. Two- and four-year schools will qualify as well as certain trade schools. The award is designed to support the educational goals of those affected by this ailment so that they can improve their futures while contributing to society.

The Application Components

The main part to this application is an essay that ranges from 500 to 800 words. Applicants must describe their experience with this ailment, and they should also explain how it's changed them. The essay must come from a firsthand experience with hopeful elements drawn into the wording. Along with the essay, applicants need to include two letters of recommendation, proof of enrollment, academic resume and a current transcript. Judges will be able to evaluate the work from that point forward.

Picking the Winner

Dealing with any cancer-related illness is enough motivation to pour the heart out onto paper. Every application will be read and examined for its genuine nature. Judges define the winner by the hope, selflessness and devotion found in the pages. Applicants should also have a financial need for the funds as they enter the next school year. With this information, judges will be able to pinpoint the perfect application and applaud their struggles.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to share a story, help others and improve a student's educational finances. The scholarship application is due August 15, 2017 so start a rough draft today. A heartfelt story can move others to fight against cancer-related ailments tomorrow.